Interactive map of car factories in Europe

The biggest customer for industrial robots are car factories. Working as a robot programmer, sooner or later you will enter the automotive industry. Find out where the nearest car factories are.

Click on the image below to see an interactive map of car factories. There are almost 300 of them in Europe, much more than I thought.


Industrial robots – textbook

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Cheap industrial cobot

Cobots (collaborative-robots) are usually small, so many persons think that they should be cheaper than conventional industrial robots arm. They also often don’t look so expensive. When I saw first-time Universal robots products I was a little bit disappointed: they look like made from plumber pipes. Unfortunately, prices of cobots are pretty high, but I found something cheaper which looks interesting.

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Robotics virtual commissioning – simulation of production in virtual reality

Virtual Commissioning is one of the biggest feature of robotics simulations programs in recent years. In presentation below I would like to introduce you to the history of this solution and explain how it works (based on Siemens Process Simulate software).

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