Cheap industrial cobot

Cobots (collaborative-robots) are usually small, so many persons think that they should be cheaper than conventional industrial robots arm. They also often don’t look so expensive. When I saw first-time Universal robots products I was a little bit disappointed: they look like made from plumber pipes. Unfortunately, prices of cobots are pretty high, but I found something cheaper which looks interesting.

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Process Simulate (Tecnomatix) – student version

If you are programming robots for the automotive industry sooner or later you will end up with one of the robot programming applications: Delmia, Robcad, Process Simulate. Many people want to get to know them during their studies. Unfortunately, none of these programs is available in an educational version.

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Robotics virtual commissioning – simulation of production in virtual reality

Virtual Commissioning is one of the biggest feature of robotics simulations programs in recent years. In presentation below I would like to introduce you to the history of this solution and explain how it works (based on Siemens Process Simulate software).

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