How big are industrial robots?

Robots size may vary a lot. The smallest industrial robot has a size of A4 piece of paper, the biggest one has almost five meters of reach.

The video below shows very well a wide variety of sizes. You have to remember that even a small robot can have a large working workspace thanks to an additional rail. You could also place the robot on the pedestal, so he can reach higher.

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407 free ebooks from Springer Publishing (robotics included 🤖)

Because of COVID-19 we already received free licences for various robotics software and free courses that teach how to use them. What about books? Don’t worry, now they are also available for free 🙂

Springer is one of the best-known publishers of scientific journals and books. Their publications are expensive, but at this difficult time, you can receive world-class expertise for free.

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NX, Tecnomatix, Simcenter – free online training directly from Siemens

Have you finished the courses of Yaskawa and ABB robots programming? 🙂 Today I have something even more interesting for you: free access to Siemens commercial courses. On certified materials you can learn how to use programs such as NX, Process Simulate, RobotExpert and many others.

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ABB RobotStudio – free license until end of 2020!

The halted production and restriction of free transport between EU countries are just some of the problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s hard to predict what the future will look like, but we’re currently at a temporary standstill. Most of us spend much more time at home than usual. This is a good time to learn something new 🙂

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Robot safety fence – Impact test

Most of the industrial robots sold today are still conventional ones that require proper protection. Are you curious how much can resist a safety fence? Look at this short video below ⬇️


Industrial robots – textbook

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