Robot spare parts and consumables availability

Jibo – intelligent home robot says goodbye to its users. He was able to recognise the humans around it and interact with them, using a rotating “head” and single large animated eye. The robot cost $900 and was a kind of stationary smart speaker. Its manufacturer was taken over by another company, which decided to shut down the Jibo’s servers.

This is one of many entertainment robots that ended their lives after a short market time. Fortunately, industrial robots are supported much longer.

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Cheap industrial cobot

Cobots (collaborative-robots) are usually small, so many persons think that they should be cheaper than conventional industrial robots arm. They also often don’t look so expensive. When I saw first-time Universal robots products I was a little bit disappointed: they look like made from plumber pipes. Unfortunately, prices of cobots are pretty high, but I found something cheaper which looks interesting.

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Process Simulate (Tecnomatix) – student version

If you are programming robots for the automotive industry sooner or later you will end up with one of the robot programming applications: Delmia, Robcad, Process Simulate. Many people want to get to know them during their studies. Unfortunately, none of these programs is available in an educational version.

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