10 things to check before buying used robot

There are many companies specializing in the refurbishment and sale of used manipulators. Buying such a device is an opportunity to save money as long as we are a conscious customer.

Below is a list of things to pay attention to. If you have no experience in robotics and this is your first purchase, start reading from the last point.

Used Industrial robot Buyers Guide

  1. Always buy robots only from reliable sources (known companies or companies that have a reputation to protect)
  2. Verify the robot for missing hardware, software, batteries, physical damages, motor or reducer damages, big backlash etc.
  3. Check for the required IO board (or at least a one that you could use)
  4. Don’t buy too old robots – in the end you will pay more for spare parts than the robot itself
  5. Always have the original Operating software and Key I.D. disc or robot number – getting a replacement is very expensive
  6. Validate if the robot purchase meets the reach, payload and the accuracy requirements of your application
  7. Check the controller cabinet matches the manipulator – they are often mismatched
  8. Check with the manufacturer to see when they stop servicing the legacy robots.
  9. Make sure there is a warranty offered with the used system. A used robot supplier should offer a warranty with certified parts and labour. Technical support should be offered with the warranty.
  10. If you are not a robot expert, hire a qualified company/personnel.
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