Gears inside the wrist of industrial robot

From a mechanical point of view, the wrist mechanism is the most interesting part of the robot arm. It is always interesting for me to see how this part of the robot is built in different types of arms. Fortunately we have YouTube, so it’s possible to look under the cover without dissembling robot by yourself 🙂 Here is a short list of my favourite videos showing different solutions.

Fanuc M-10iA gears of axis five and six submerged in oil
KUKA KR500 industrial robot wrist
Motoman wrist with hidden two servomotors inside the casing

Robot gearboxes, oil and greases

As you see a robot wrist mechanism could be really complex. Another interesting thing inside a robot arm are gearboxes for axes A1-A3. Today everyone uses harmonic gearboxes which are a pretty complicated mechanism. Below is a video explaining how they work.

Remember that for unbroken, fault-free robot work is necessary to think about proper lubrication. Always use oils and gears recommended by your robot provider. Read carefully maintenance manual, they could be different for each axis!


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