Getting started with Fanuc robots

I recently noticed that I write mainly about KUKA robots. As far as I know, Fanuc is the biggest robot supplier worldwide, so I’ve prepared some useful links for (present and future) fans of this Japanese brand.

Fanuc” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Khalinatek
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FANUC robot Software list

Are you considering buying a robot? Robot capabilities can be extended by proper software add-ons. If you are planning to choose Fanuc it is good to know all the available software options.

List of software options

Read this list carefully, because even simple options are often extra paid. It’s not unusual, the same business model has KUKA or ABB. It is easier and cheaper to buy the necessary packages right away when ordering a robot.


So, you just ordered your first Fanuc robot? On this site, you will find short animations showing the basic functions of this robot. They are useful not only when programming a Fanuc robot for the first time, but also after a long break.


Visiting the ONE Robotics Company website is also always a good idea

FANUC Alarms Error Codes

Something went wrong? Don’t worry, there are two useful websites that can help you. The first one is not available online, but there is a copy made by

On the second page you will find a search engine for error codes (with explanations of their meanings).

Virtual Fanuc robot

Do you want to play a little with Fanuc robots? You can always download a free trial of Fanuc Roboguide V9! In a virtual environment, you can test even the most crazy ideas without any harm.

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