Industrial robotics courses pricing

Do you want to learn how to program robots? I compared the prices of basic training at different manufacturers for you. Most of them are expensive, but I will show you how to learn the basics at no cost.

ABB training

Online Web Based Training Course starts from $425 per person. If you need stationary training, the price rises to $444 per day if you choose a pre-selected training date. On-site training is more than $5000 per day.

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“Terms like Kinematics and Forward/Inverse kinematics sound complicated while in this book they are describe in such a way that a child can understand it.”

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KUKA course

The price of training varies greatly depending on the location. The same training in different countries may have a different price.

Yaskawa / MotoMAN programming Class

Introduction to robot programming (latest DX-200 controller) costs $1650 per four days of training (26 hours).

FreE robotics course (for teachers, students etc.)

Prices of training make them available only for people who need them for professional work. However, there are many people who would like to learn robotics (teachers, students) without paying the full price.

Robotics courses are also organized by many independent training companies for a lower price. If you don’t want to spend any money, Universal robots’ online course is a perfect idea.

Apart from the price, online training has another advantage: you don’t have to travel anywhere. Whether you live in Pune, India or Puebla, Mexico, you can always take part in the classes.

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