KUKA.Sim Pro and KUKA Xpert free for 90 days

We have an opportunity to test and learn another software, this time provided by KUKA. KUKA.Sim Pro is now available for 90 days without restrictions. There is a second bonus which should be also very interesting to many of you.

KUKA.Sim Pro – simulation and offline programming

I haven’t met anyone who uses KUKA.Sim Pro every day. For robot configuration there is KUKA WorkVisual, for robot selection KUKA Payload Checker. Simulation? Usually, an application like Process Simulate or RobotExpert provided by the external maker.

Maybe it’s worth giving a KUKA.Sim Pro chance? If you don’t have anyone to ask about how to use this program, I recommend you take a look at Facebook. ML Tecnik company has been posting a lot of training materials recently.

The available version is KUKA.Sim Pro Registration via company e-mail on my.kuka.com is required. To get the activation key go to the Product & Service Data tab, and then to the link to KUKA.Sim Demo, where there will be a button to generate a key to the demo version.

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KUKA Xpert – service manuals

We can also have access to the KUKA knowledge base for 3 months. See what you can get with this promotion:

     KUKA Xpert    KUKA Xpert Basic
Product Information
Spare Parts
Assembly Instruction
Instruction Manual
Operating / Programming Instructions
CAD & Simulation Data
Case Database with Symptom, Cause and Solution
Detailed Operating Instructions
KSS System Variables
Compatibility Overviews
Function Descriptions
Downloads of Code and Configurations

I think that robot owners and maintenance departments in larger companies will be happy 🙂

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  1. Thanks for your information!
    But I can’t generate Sim pro Demo.
    Can you send the Demo key?


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