LEGO robot programmer set

Everyone can design a LEGO set, unfortunately very few of these ideas go into production. Recently I found an interesting “robot programmer” set, and I realized that there are more examples of LEGO designs inspired by industrial robotics.

This LEGO set was already submitted once but did not get the necessary votes. Now, thanks to the support of the robotics community, it has a second chance.
Do you want the “robot programmer” set to be available in stores? Vote for this project!

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LEGO car production line

Another great example of creativity is this automated production line. If you want to explain someone how cars are made just send him this video.

This is a very simplified model, but works exactly like big car factory, where we are producing separately car subcomponents, and joining them together in framing station.


And last thing: industrial robot model build from bricks. This kit looks great! 🙂

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