Massage-giving robot, better than human masseur?

Ad of massage-giving robot: “A robot will never judge a person’s body”.

Alexa Wisener appearing in this promotional film probably has no problems with low self-esteem. Yet most people are not satisfied with the appearance of their bodies. Is a massage robot a good solution for complexes?

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Robotics startups are trying to convince us that their massage products will be better, safer (especially for women) and more friendly than human masseur. I’m sceptical.

In the future, such devices will gain some popularity. Looking at the current level of development I suspect that I will take some time.

That’s probably why the manufacturers of these devices refer mainly to our shame or fear:

  • “Don’t like strangers touching you?”
  • “Is your daughter safe in salon?”

BTW: Is the touch of the robot arm really so exciting? I’ve a bad experience 🤕

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