Questions for robotics exam (or job interview)

Are you studying for an exam in robotics? Or maybe you need to hire a future robot programmer for your company? In both cases, a list of theoretical questions about industrial robotics could be useful. I have prepared this list mainly for myself, but if you have any good question to add then feel free to leave a comment 🙂

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Robotics questions (Theoretical)

  • What is the forward kinematics problem for a robotic arm?
  • What is the inverse kinematics problem for a robotic arm?
  • Definition of reference frames for manipulators
  • Definition of reference frames for manipulators
  • Description of orientation in robotics
  • Denavit-Hartenberg notation
  • Methods of direct and inverse kinematic problems solution for serial manipulators
  • Jacobians in robotics
  • Methods of description of maniplutor dynamics
  • Direct and inverse dynamic problem in robotics
  • Joint space schemes for trajectory generation
  • Cartesian paths description and programming for serial manipulators
  • Position control of maniplulators
  • Position/force control

ps. Answers for some of these questions you could find in this robotics book 🙂

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