Raas – Robot as a Service

Nowadays we don’t have to own things to use them. We are renting our cars, electronics and even office furniture. What about industrial robots?

It is… exactly the same. Renting a robot is maybe not the first thought when you need additional hands to work, but is it possible. From few years we have companies which offer robot in Robot-as-a-Service model. Better, they are companies which rent you additional equipment to your freshly hired mechanical helper.

When to rent a robot?

Definitely not then when you planning mass production of one product which will last many years.

Are you curious about cobots features? Maybe renting them for a test will be a good idea? These robots are still quite expensive (I heard about 30% more than a standard industrial arm) and yet they are often used to not so serious tasks. Is it not worth to buy a robot to serve a coffee on exhibition.

You can also hire a robot to compare it with the devices you already have in your company.

Features and Benefits of Raas:

  • No long-term commitment
  • Rent by the week, month or year
  • Provides a fixed cost per productive hour
  • Stable and reliable automation
  • Includes all necessary components: Robot, Controller, Teach Pendant, and End of Arm Tooling

RaaS allows manufacturers to take advantage of the latest robot technology, but on a monthly rental basis. Renting could be treated like a “try before you buy” option. Usually when company want to keep a robot the part of the rental price can be credited to the purchase of the rented robot.

Photo:“AiR Pier 9 2015_Robot Live Control” by madeline.gannon is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

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