Robot spare parts and consumables availability

Jibo – intelligent home robot says goodbye to its users. He was able to recognise the humans around it and interact with them, using a rotating “head” and single large animated eye. The robot cost $900 and was a kind of stationary smart speaker. Its manufacturer was taken over by another company, which decided to shut down the Jibo’s servers.

This is one of many entertainment robots that ended their lives after a short market time. Fortunately, industrial robots are supported much longer.

Support of industrial robots

Fortunately, providers of industrial solutions support their products much longer. Producers support their products for usually ten years after discontinuation of the product (e.g. KUKA). Kawasaki has the same conditions. ABB is promising 8 to 10 years of availability of spare parts after end of production.

A modern industrial robot should work without bigger issues for 10-15 years. Nowadays, robot manufacturers declare an average of MTBF = 50,000 – 70,000 hours. The best reliability is achieved by the robots with SCARA and DELTA configuration (lower number of links and joints, compared to articulated robots).

Robot predictive maintenance

If you don’t want to be surprised by unexpected robot failure you could use predictive maintenance feature. Nowadays, many robot systems are equipped with sophisticated electronic components and sensors. They are constantly measuring various parameters (e.g. temperature, current draw) and comparing them with reference values. Based on this they are capable to predict when a failure might happen and to alert the personnel responsible for maintenance.

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