Robotic Engineering Courses from Yaskawa

Industrial robotics become more and more accessible. I already wrote (twice!) about an online course of robotics made by Universal Robots. Now you can also attend to free robotics courses offered by Yaskawa.

You could attend to three free courses:

  • Intro to robotics,
  • Yaskawa safety principles
  • HC10 w/wo DT YRC1000micro Controller w/ Smart Pendant

After watching the first two I was rather a sceptic. Comparing to Universal Robots training lessons are very short and general. They are pointing the most important aspects, but I expected much more.

Take a look at the sample videos showing how to work safely with a robot:

The best FREE robotics online course

When I started the last course on the list, I changed my mind about 180 degrees. This course is very detailed and covers almost all aspects of programming the smallest Yaskawa robots. Look at topics in this course:

  • Chapter 1: Unpackaging
  • Chapter 2: YRC1000 Micro Controller
  • Chapter 3: Programming Pendant Hardware
  • Chapter 4: Programming Pendant Screen
  • Chapter 5: Setting Up a Tool: Fundamentals
  • Chapter 6: Control Groups, Jogging Coordinates & Axis Keys
  • Chapter 7: Alarms & Errors
  • Chapter 8: Second Home – Specified Point
  • Chapter 9: Creating New Job and Job Selection
  • Chapter 10: Path Creation
  • Chapter 11: Position/Path Confirmation & Playback
  • Chapter 12: Job Editing
  • Chapter 13: Non-Motion Commands
  • Chapter 14: Universal Inputs/Outputs
  • Chapter 15: FSU and PFL Overview
  • Chapter 16: Power Force Limiting (PFL) Function
  • Chapter 17: Direct (Easy) Teach
  • Evaluation: Course Evaluation Locked

All topics are described in detail, and an interactive test helps to see if we have really learned everything. It is worth to know that Yaskawa is one of the biggest industrial robot supplier worldwide. So it is definitely worth to attend to their online training.

Even if you are not planning to work with this particular brand you will find a lot of universal information there which will be useful while working with any industrial robot brand.

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