Robots and art

In London’s Tate Modern, you can find a “White field” – painted nails on canvas and board. This is a work of art of Günter Uecker. He began in 1956 using nails in his art and since then nailed a lot of them.

Günter Uecker: White Field (MoMA – New” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by scalleja
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Nowadays, Charles Aweida creates his art in a similar style to Ueceker. But unlike to his predecessor, he is using a mechanical arm for nailing. Isn’t that easier and faster than manually placing nails? I wonder how the robot program works and how flexible it is. Is it parametric enough to create any art?

With a robot, each work could be replicated in many identical copies. Is it still art or just creative engineering? Whatever you think, it is worthwhile to observe his work (here is his instagram profile). The interview with him is also interesting.

Robotics art

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