Robots in film industry

Usually, when we are thinking about robot we have an image of a dirty factory where robot works 24/7 in the dark corner of the hall. But robots are often used to more exciting tasks – like for example making movies.

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If you have experience with industrial robot programming than you know that this could be a very time-consuming task. In manufacturing, we are using special software to speed up this process, but the movie industry has different needs. This required the development of special software tools.

Robot as a camera motion control system

First of all, they have to synchronize robot motion with objects in the frame. There are also other requirements that need to be taken into account, such as camera settings (focal length, aperture time and desired depth of field). To speed up the process of robot programming special tools were developed (like a plugin to Autodesk Maya).

Robots allow shooting incredible film sequences. I choose only three movies to show in this post, but there are plenty of different examples on YouTube and Vimeo.

Safety first!

Sometimes robots holding not a camera but an actor or stuntmen (vide Gravity movie with Sandra Bullock). But remember that using a standard industrial robot arm to move humans or animals is prohibited by safety regulations!

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