In order to start playing with robotics you don’t have to buy industrial equipment. Below is a short list of robots that you can play with at home. Instead of spending tens of thousands of euros it is enough to spend a few hundred 🙂

uArm Swift Pro

UFactory offers a Swift Pro model with 4 degrees of freedom (which is the same as in “big” robots used for palletising). The price of the cheapest version is $699, the price list closes the set with additional accessories for $1149.

The list of additional devices cooperating with this robot is impressive. In addition to a suction cup or gripper, you can order a 3D print head or laser for engraving.

Learn more: uArm

Niryo One

you care about two more axes, it’s worth taking an interest in the Niryo One model. Having a six-degree robot will cost you €1299 if you choose a self-assembly kit. Do you think you would be able to construct this robot better? You can download the 3D models of the robot arms from Github for free and modify them freely, then print them on a 3D printer. Electrical diagrams and software are also available as open source.

Learn more: Niryo


It is also a product of UFactory, which is available in three versions with 5, 6 and 7 axes. The design of this machine is very similar to the robots that can be found on the production line. Each axis is equipped with BLDC motors with harmonic drives, resulting in a repeatability of 0.1 mm. The casing is made of carbon-fiber and the payload capacity varies from 2 to 5 kg, depending on the version. These parameters affect the price, the cheapest variant costs $2999, the most expensive $6999.

Learn more: xArm

Hydraulic robot made of cardboard

And if you are not convinced by any of the above deals, how about a syringe and cardboard robot with hydraulic drives? This model should not make anyone go broke, and the price/joy ratio is the most advantageous of all the devices presented here 🙂

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