Smart dress pack (and other solutions) to increase robot MTBF

How many times have you thought, “This cable isn’t that stretched?”

Hoses and cables mounted on the robot are often the main factors limiting movement range, often causing unpredictable production stops. Dress packs are also one of the major reasons for online adjustments of robot motions.

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There are two problems with the cables on the robot: the first is the mounting of the bracket on the sixth axis, which is always positioned in the wrong way. If it does not interfere during the process, then it interferes with the docking of the tool.

Alternative to Hollow wrist robot

The second one is the durability of the cables themselves. Both problems were solved by the manufacturers offering a robots with a hollow wrist design. But what to do if the robot model you need is not available in such a variant?

Then we are left with the solution as in the film above. It shines like a Christmas tree (and I prefer not to know how much it costs), but it looks interesting. You can clearly see how much the dress pack is being stretched Do you think it is a good solution to increase the durability of hoses and cables for air, signals and power? Is it unnecessary fad?

LEONI idea is still a prototype, so if you need a solution for now then maybe you should think about the product below?

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