Statistics of industrial robots market

In 2017, robot sales increased by 30% – the number of robot installations had never increased so strongly before. It is 2019 now and IFR has recently published preliminary figures for the robotics industry for 2018. What is the current state of industrial robotics?

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First, a brief look at the forecast from the previous year. Last year, IFR estimated that the supply of robots would grow by 14% in the following years. Preliminary data from 2018 show that the market did not grow so fast.

Robot sales were down in Asia but the rest of the world ordering robots like in previous years. Asia from years is a region where demand for industrial robots is very high.

Currently, there are just two countries which will have over 600 industrial robots per 10 000 employees. In the rest of the world, there is still a lot of space to grow. In Europe (2017), the average robot density was 106 units. In the Americas it was 91 units and in Asia/Australia 75 units per 10000 employees.

There are over 2 000 000 industrial robots installed worldwide:

Data: IFR

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