Universal Robots online course updated

For everyone who want to learn robotics online without spending money I strongly recommend Universal Robot Academy. The course has been updated recently, now it is even more worth visiting.

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“Terms like Kinematics and Forward/Inverse kinematics sound complicated while in this book they are describe in such a way that a child can understand it.”

“Highly recommended.”

It is not the first time I’m writing about this page so you can see how the previous version of this robotics course looked like.

If you don’t have any experience with robots, you’ll find a lot of interesting information there. For those who have already studied robotics, it will be an opportunity to see how a modern collaborative robot looks like.

I think that even advanced programmers will find something interesting for themselves. I have never worked with Universal Robots products, this course gave me the opportunity to use their devices and learn the basics of operation.

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