Women in robotics

The robots were invented to help us perform boring, repetitive tasks. Such as breakfast preparation 🙂

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In this video the help of the robot allowed the woman to take care of her nails instead of wasting time for preparing breakfast. Today, women and robots have much more partnership relations. Ladies do not wait until someone serves them, they take business into their own hands.

On the occasion of today’s women’s day, I would like to show two of them that are doing particularly interesting things.

Madeline Gannon – “The Robot Tamer”

We don’t have to program the industrial robots, we could also animating them. There are some tools available for film-makers which allows you to preparing stunt or camera sequences using industrial manipulator. Using for example Robot animator software you are able to animate industrial robot by himself.

I don’t know what Madeline Gannon do with industrial robots: neither programming them or animating them, but results are awesome. By touching her hand robots starts behave like animals. Not wild and danger one, but a little shy and curious creatures. Madeline tells that is inventing better ways to communicate with machines. It is definitely worth to see what she made.

Simone Giertz – maker/robotics enthusiast

For many people, the term “robot” is associated with space probes, humanoid machines or software that automates work. Industrial robots are devices that are not listed first by ordinary people. There is one person who does more than anyone else to promote them: Simone Giertz

She describes herself as: “maker/robotics enthusiast/non-engineer. Have become somewhat of an expert in shitty robots”. Besides all type of kinky robots which she made, he is also first YouTuber who collaborate with serious robot manufacturer (KUKA) to promote their products.

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