World Backup day – How safe is your robot data?

The day before April Fools is World Backup Day. Everyone on this day should think about making a copy of important data, like personal photos, documents, videos. Robots programs should be also included.

Remember to take floppy disk with you, older robot doesn’t have USB port 🙂
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Your Data Is More Valuable Than Your robot

A robot costs tens of thousands of euros, writing a program cost us only a time. Why is it so important to make regular backups?

Today industrial robots are mostly used for fully automated large-volumes manufacturing. That’s mean that even a short break in production caused by failure could cost thousands of euros.

According to Nikkei Asian Review, an unplanned shutdown in an automotive plant costs $16,900 per minute. If things are really bad then no-one tries to repair a robot, they are simply replaced by another one. It is quicker and cheaper than repair or replace a broken part. In car factories, a complete replacement of a robot cannot last more than 60 minutes. Then you should upload robot programs from backup and recover production.

I don’t expect that everyone will replace broken robot (especially in small and medium-size companies – you have to have a spare one), but making backups of robot data regularly is a good idea which virtually cost no money.

You don’t have to backup robot one by one, you could do it through the network using for example ABB Robot Studio, Kuka WorkVisual, or an independent software like this Fanuc robot backup tool.

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