Yaskawa MotoSim VRC2019 SP3 – free license for 90 days

Another robot manufacturer decided to make his simulation program available for free during a COVID-19 pandemic. Yaskawa MotoSim VRC2019 SP3 is available for (almost) everyone for 90 days.

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Virtual robot

MotoVRC supports a wide range of controllers from the NX100 through FS100, DX100 to the latest DX200 and YRC1000. Operating a virtual robot is no different from the real one (unfortunately 🙂 ) The teach pendant on the screen is a 1:1 representation of a real device. A great idea is mapping keyboard keys to virtual keys. It is possible to build multi-robot systems (double, triple configuration + rotator) and the simulated times exactly reflect those achieved in reality.

Photo: Yaskawa

Register for a free license

Obtaining a license is not as easy as with ABB RobotStudio. You need to register with a company e-mail (according to the description private Gmail mailboxes and similar servers will be rejected, someone can confirm?).

Download Yaskawa MotoVRC

If you are familiar with European manufacturers only, you will have to get used to a completely different philosophy of use (both robot and software). Nevertheless, it is worth trying. Yaskawa is one of the biggest manufacturers of robots, it is worth understanding the philosophy of its products.

MotoSim in terms of ease of use and intuitiveness it will be harder than with ABB. Fortunately, there are official tutorials available on Youtube.

Who’s next?

I am curious whether anyone else will decide to share their software (Fanuc, KUKA, Kawasaki?) on preferential terms. I keep my fingers crossed for this 🙂

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