How to learn robotics?

There are several obvious ways available: attend a training course (expensive, slow, travel required), read the manuals ( hard to access and boring ) or trial and error (the most expensive method 😉 ) How else can you learn robotics on your own?

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Check the best Industrial robots book

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First of all, you need to learn a basic theory. This can be done by attending appropriate classes at school or university. By “basic” I don’t mean learning all the math that is needed to calculate the tractory of robotic movements. To become a robot operator or a junior robot programmer, you need to be aware of a few things, but you don’t need to solve all these complicated mathematical equations.

You don’t have to know in details how the combustion engine works to be a professional driver. The same is with robotics. Fortunately, practical knowledge of robotics has been quite available lately.

Read the book on robotics

Now that we have 2019 and plenty of content on every subject is available in video form, but in my opinion, it is still good to start with the classic book.

Probably the most popular title is “Introduction to Robotics”. ( John J. Craig), which I cannot recommend. It is old, and its purpose is primarily academic. If you are looking for a modern book with real-life examples, try this:

The advantage of the books is their clear structure. The table of contents itself shows which topics you should be interested in at the beginning and which require more experience.

Online robotics CLASSES

When you know the basics of robot programming rules you should start with online courses provided by robot manufacturers. I can recommend two of them (both are free)

Start with the first one. Is shorter and contain only the most important information about robotics. It’s also a Universal robot specific, but it explains in an easy way all basic robotics terms.

Then go to the Yaskawa course. In my opinion, is the best robotics course available on the market. Is more detailed than the previous one. It is also a brand specific, you will learn more about industrial usage of robots, but if you want to program robots from other brands you have to look for different courses.

Playing with virtual robot

Download and test programs such as ABB robot studio or Siemens RobotExpert,

Use Robotics in an Existing Position

If you have gone through all the steps, you can try to test your knowledge in reality. If at the university do in your company is an industrial robot then try to write a simple program on it under the care of someone more experienced.

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