Industrial Robots in movies

In the previous post (robots in film industry), I showed how robots help to make new films. Industrial robots not only work with a camera, but they are also increasingly present on the opposite side of the lens. Below are some examples of films where you can find mechanical actors.

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Today, almost every robot manufacturer can show off their products in high-budget films. Yaskawa is best known for its Terminator scene (both in parts 1 and 2).

Fans of KUKA products could watch their robots in the classic Bond movie. (I chose German version to emphasize the origin of this brand 🙂

I’m a big fan of Kawasaki robots design (BX series). They are so beautiful that it’s no surprise to me that they’re used in movies and TV series. Here’s an example from the Westworld.

You could also found a Kawasaki robot in Transformers movies.

I tried to find some examples of a movie with an ABB robot, but I didn’t succeed. I know they were in the “Iron Man 3” movie, but I can’t find any examples on YouTube.

Maybe you know some other examples?

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