NX, Tecnomatix, Simcenter – free online training directly from Siemens

Have you finished the courses of Yaskawa and ABB robots programming? 🙂 Today I have something even more interesting for you: free access to Siemens commercial courses. On certified materials you can learn how to use programs such as NX, Process Simulate, RobotExpert and many others.

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As you can read on the Siemens Learning Advantage page:

We recognize that changing work conditions presents an opportunity for our community to increase their skills and abilities with Siemens solutions. To support this we are offering free trials to our online learning offerings effective immediately and for the period of the COVID-19 impact. This will help advance proficiency on Siemens products you already use or explore and learn new Siemens solutions.

To get free access for 30 days you need to register on a Learning Advantage website. After filling the form, all you have to do is wait for an e-mail with confirmation of your account on the platform.

Online courses catalogue

You get access to two sections: Video Catalog and Self-Paced-Course. In the first one there are a short tutorial videos showing some interesting features or a way to solve specific problems. Self-Paced-Course is a fully-fledged online course. The training materials are the same as in commercial training courses for Siemens software.

You receive a description of how the software works, what functions and steps are needed to complete the appointed task and all the necessary training files. At the end and during the course, there are exercises that allow testing the knowledge in practice.

Most of the material is in the form of an online manual, but sometimes information is also available as videos.

What can I learn?

The software product portfolio of Siemens Industry Software is extremely wide, courses are only available for some of them:

  • Active Workspace
  • Camstar (Application Tools, Interoperability, Manufacturing, Medical Device, Quality, SEMI Suite Exploring, Suite Features)
  • LMS Imagine.Lab
  • NX
  • Plant Simulation
  • Process Simulate Standalone
  • QMS Professional
  • RobotExpert
  • Simcenter
  • Simcenter 3D
  • SIT ( Line Monitoring System, Manufacturing Intelligence, Preactor Advanced Planning Scheduling, RD Suite, Unified Architecture Discrete Manufacturing, Unified Architecture Process Industries)
  • Teamcenter (Manufacturing, Rapid Start,Visualization)

Where to download the software from?

Access to course materials alone would be of little use if there was no software available to practice the newly acquired knowledge. Luckily, Siemens prepared also a student or test versions for most programs. Below are links to relevant pages describing what and under what conditions you can get free of charge:

NX Student Edition

NX for Manufacturing (CAM)

Tecnomatix (RobotExpert, Process Simulate, Plant Simulation)

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