Process Simulate (Tecnomatix) – student version

If you are programming robots for the automotive industry sooner or later you will end up with one of the robot programming applications: Delmia, Robcad, Process Simulate. Many people want to get to know them during their studies. Unfortunately, none of these programs is available in an educational version.

The Robcad is an old tool that is already obsolete. Delma is used by companies such as Mercedes and Tesla and there is no student version. Process simulate also, but in its case there is a way to get to know the basics of its usage.

Siemens has in its portfolio a similar program (RobotExpert) which is available in a demo version. It has slightly less capabilities than Process Simulate but the principle of operation is the same. You can use it free of charge for 30 days. The registration form can be found here.


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