Sit up straight: robot as a posture correcting device

How much is worth a stand for a computer monitor? According to Apple even 999 USD. This is definitely not an upper limit, you could easily spend much much more 🙂

Photo: My Design Lab KAIST
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If you are using a computer a lot, then you probably noticed that sitting all day is not what your body is dreaming for. I can feel it myself, 2-3 weeks without swimming or gym cause regular back pain. There are several solutions to this. You can switch to a standing desk, an ergonomic chair or sit on a special ball to keep your back straight.

Many companies are looking to use their products in the area of health care. I have already written a bit about massage robotics, today I have a much simpler invention. An adaptive monitor stand made from KUKA IIWA robot. It allows adjusting the position of the monitor to our posture in real-time.

The most expensive monitor stand

I don’t know how much cost a KUKA LBR IIWA robot but probably around $100,000 USD, so comparing to Apple Pro Stand is one hundred times more expensive. Someone decided that use this device as a monitor stand will be a good idea.

What you should expect more from the robot than ordinary screen stand? That it will observe your position beneath the monitor. So if you have a bad posture after longer time robot will setup monitor in this way that watching at him will be uncomfortable. If you will correct your position robot will go back to earlier setup.

What do you think about it? Quite expensive monitor holder isn’t it?

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