KUKA Coaster failed at Brno

Industrial robots are designed for long unbroken work. But sometimes something is going wrong. Like on the showcase in Brno in 2014.

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We can learn a lot of interesting things from this failure. The first thing to pay attention to is the type of robot. KUKA has a special line of equipment that provides safe entertainment for the carried people. It is called KR700 R2510 passenger (with KR C4 passenger controller).

Transportation of persons with robot

Normally in each industrial robot instruction, you will see a remark like this:

Any use or application deviating from the intended use is deemed to be imper-missible misuse. This includes e.g.:

Transportation of persons and animals

Use as a climbing aid

Operation outside the permissible operating parameters

Use in potentially explosive environments

Use in underground mining

KUKA KR Quantec specification

This “passenger” KUKA robot has additional certificates confirming that the transport of passengers will be carried out in compliance with appropriate safety standards.

Photo: KUKA

No spare parts?

Another interesting fact is that a robot with a load capacity of 500 kg can be moved in case of emergency using a standard drill. People can be released quickly without losing time for searching and replacing spare parts.

Are you surprised that so little power is needed to set the robot in motion? Many people think that an industrial robot is an energy-intensive device, but that’s not true. It needs the same amount of energy as…. an electric kettle.

If you are interested in solutions inside robotics arm please read this article about gears inside the wrist of industrial robot.

Robocoaster outside amusement parks

Do you want to try a ride on the robot by yourself? If you are living in Australia then look for “robot ride” – a mobile solution with a robot.

Photo: https://www.instagram.com/roborideraus/

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